Tower Wood Day 1

A fantastic start to our visit to Tower Wood.

Here is a video of children getting their kit, climbing tall trees and using team work to help the group get up to the top of the tree and then lower them down safely.  Other groups were mastering the skypole and taking on the obstacle course.

Here is a video of kayaking on the lake, jetty jumping (yes a few jumped in the lake – with wetsuits) and then a night walk in the dark, well wrapped up against the rain and getting around the countryside using torches to find our way.

Apple Education Summit Day #4

Today has been even busier than before! Many of the delegates are from Norway and Denmark too.

Tonight we are having a meal with the whole Apple team, including our partner schools from South Africa, Finland and Spain. We then have to think about packing for our return home tomorrow.

We’ve had an amazing experience here – one that we will remember forever.

We are looking forward to seeing our families tomorrow and all our friends in school on Monday.

Over and out from London!

Apple Summit Day #3

It’s been another super day here at the Education Summit. We met delegates from Russia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Finland, India and many other middle Eastern and European countries.

Tonight we have been to see Buckingham Palace and then walked to Parliament Square – we saw Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament and heard Big Ben!  We then took a walk down the Embankment with a hot chocolate to keep us warm.


Apple Summit Day #2

We had a fantastic day meeting delegates from around the world yesterday.

We met teachers from France, Italy, Poland, Switzerland and Portugal as well as many others. Although we were really nervous to begin with, we soon settled into our stride as we told the visitors about everything we do at Lever House. It was great talking to people about their schools and finding out how different they are. It was a very busy time whilst at the Summit and we hardly stopped all day!

Last night we had a walk along the dock in front of our hotel and managed to find a geocache. We then took the Emirates cable car across to the O2 arena, had a pleasant walk taking in the sight of London by night and then went for tea – hamburgers all round!

Apple Summit Day #1

Hello from London!

We had an enjoyable first day in London!  On arriving at Euston, we joined a coach that took us on a tour of some of the sites.  We saw Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London, Big Ben and took a trip down Baker Street.

We arrived at the Crystal which is where we are going to present all week.

Last night we went to Piccadilly Circus and ate at the Rainforest Cafe. We visited the Lego store too!