Red Nose Day

Today,  the children have been teaching their skills and knowledge to other children in KS2.  The activities have included: Russian, French and Spanish, Martial arts, a variety of dance and gymnastic skills, sports, juggling, a variety of I-pad skills from coding to accessibility and drawing skills.

We are sharing all this learning in an assembly – what a fantasic day. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Red Nose Day

  1. 10chloe

    I feel like Red Nose Day went very well, I learnt how to use accessibility and a wheelchair. It was amazing learning how it was to be a teacher.

  2. 10elena

    This was a great way of fun learning. I learnt to how to: play netball, do a French plait, make a bun and half an amazing dance but there was also so much more I could of done. Thank you to our staff at leverhouse for organising this day but biggest thanks to our pupil teachers, that taught all of us so much.
    (Even some of the teachers learnt something new).

  3. 10sophies

    This morning has been fantastic. I loved learning new thing and teaching new talents. I think its a wonderful way of learning especially because it was red nose day, i also loved wearing red noses.

  4. 10thomas

    I hope everyone had a lot of fun because I know I certainly did . It is great that Lever House does something for Red Nose Day . I really enjoyed everything I did and if Lever House does it again then I hope everyone has a lot of fun like today.

  5. eleanor

    This morning we had a great time and I hope everyone enjoyed today because I did. Today was a great learning experience and teaching experience.


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